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Our owner is Rachel Fitch. She began her journey with estate sales and antiques in Austin, Texas in 1991. Her first exposure to estate sales was through her mother-in-law and father-in-law. They had been in the antique business since the 1970's. Ed Fitch, Rachel's father-in-law first taught her how to refinish furniture. Rachel has enjoyed many days watching Ed turn a painted oak dresser into a work of art. Ed and Katie both noticed her interest in antiques and began to foster it by giving her antique books to read. That's when they noticed Rachel's ability to identify items rather quickly. Her first remembered purchase was a large Buck pocket knife picked up at a family run estate sale for $1.00. She took it to Ed and he told her she just made $100.00. She was hooked.

Rachel started going to estate sales and picking up merchandise for her antique booths. She went to many estate sales in the Hill Country and saw exhausted families selling the contents of their homes or that of a passed loved one. She began to realize that most families didn't know what they had. Rachel saw many items undervalued and undersold and it saddened her to see so much money leaving the hands of the family members. So she decided to go to the "other side of the register" and use her knowledge to become an advocate for the family that needed an estate sale or a fair appraisal. 

Rachel became a member of the Certified Appraisers Guild of America in July of 2011.  She has assisted many families in need of uncovering the value of precious antiques and heirlooms.  If you need a Certified Appraisal to discover the Fair Market Value or Insurance Replacement value of your possessions, please don't hesitate to call.  

The Certified Appraisers Guild of America confers the professional membership designation CAGA to recognize the completion of the appraiser's certification education. Members are professionals who have completed the certification process. In addition, the members have made a commitment to the Certified Appraisers Guild's Code of Professional Ethics and to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.
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